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“I was able to meet Mompreneurs in various industries who offered great advice and suggestions. The speed networking activity provided a framework for purposeful networking and interaction, and I learned actionable information that will help me in my work life.”-Mom who attended Mompreneur and Me® event

“The event was fun. (My daughter) and I really enjoyed it. Thank you again for organizing it!” -Mom who attended Mompreneur and Me® event

“This weekend I had the opportunity to attend Mompreneur and Me‘s NYC event and meet some amazing moms who are bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs and influencers.” -Mom who attended Mompreneur and Me® event

“I love Mompreneur and Me® events, but my kids love them even more! They get to do a fun activity with mommy and I get to meet other professional women who love their babies too!” -Mom who attended Mompreneur and Me® event

® Exercises:

Bowling   ⬛   Cooking Classes   ⬛   Crafting   ⬛   Hiking   ⬛   Movies

Private Brunches   ⬛   Private Lunches   ⬛   Tea Time   ⬛   Yoga   ⬛   Zoo Parties

® Professional Development Activities:

Advocating For Yourself   ⬛   Asking For Help   ⬛   Content Creation   ⬛   Brainstorming

Handling Office Politics   ⬛   Interviewing   ⬛   Listening   ⬛   Networking 

Persuasion   ⬛   Resume Writing   ⬛   Small Talk

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