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Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck underscored in a recent Goop podcast, there’s no better place to invest your money than in businesses for mothers and babies. It’s an investment in our future.

You can fund Mompreneur and Me events through iFundWomen too! In order to bridge the housework gap, we believe all mothers should have access to professional development content on their own terms. They should be able to build relationships with other businesswomen, all the while spending quality time with their child. Most of the mothers who attend Mompreneur and Me events are multicultural too! We believe we are also helping underrepresented female entrepreneurs also gain access to key professionals and corporate competencies.

As a thank you for funding over $30, you’ll receive this awesome “Moms Just Want to Have (Fun)ding” tee!

® brand partners

A special thanks to our sponsors, who keep Mompreneur and Me® events free for mothers and their children. These brands are committed to seeing mothers advance in the workplace. Many of the corporate Mompreneur and Me® sponsors are companies with a female CEO or an above-average number of female executives.


“I got a better ROI from sponsoring Mompreneur and Me® events in our target markets than partnering with several micro-influencers solely focused on digital connections.” -Brand Sponsor

“Where was this six years ago when I needed more programs to bring us closer to moms?!” -Brand Sponsor

“Working moms are the backbone of our economy and need our full support, and Mompreneur and Me® is changing the dynamics of traditional networking for the modern woman. Who says you can’t hustle while also being a full-time mom?” -Brand Sponsor

® event attendees are:

  • The decision-makers in their household (responsible for 85% of household purchases),
  • Affluent college graduates ages 25-44, with a HH income of $100K, and
  • Mom influencers with a minimum of 30K followers on social channels and a combined reach of over 1 million on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Ready to find out more?

Companies complain their target market is ignoring their efforts, they don’t have the time or budget to manage individual mom influencer relationships, or they create massive corporate events for moms… and no one attends. It’s because they don’t understand how to develop a relationship with working moms.

  • 75% of the moms surveyed after Mompreneur and Me® events said their opinion of the sponsoring brand has changed. They would now patron their businesses.
  • It’s a turnkey, field marketing event. We’ve checked with both the moms and brand sponsors, and the moms have used sponsors’ products and services post-Mompreneur and Me® events.
  • The events are deliberately small but mighty thanks to our national network of mom influencers. Brands don’t need to manage individual influencer relationships.

Email us for information on how to sponsor a Mompreneur and Me event.